Monday, March 23, 2009

More more and more

What an amazing weekend. The TeleSummit was fantastic. So much information from the presenters about how to create, build and manage a career in the arts successfully using all the new media that is available to us. Made me really appreciate how easy it is now to get our work known. Empowering! The talks are available as downloads for the two weeks if you register now!

The workshop I took with Cathy Henderson was nothing short of mind blowing. She teaches, coaches, and inspires with a loving and calculating eye. Her passion for actors and the craft of casting gave me a whole new understanding of the business. The vibe in the room was incredible. So supportive and energized, everyone working for each other in a way that created union and joy.

And man, did we work! Three scenes, one as an audition read for camera, one with a scene partner and one quick, cold read styled mock audition, plus a monologue night showcasing our own choices of material. Her comments along with Rod's, were useful, bonecrackingly on the mark, and talent producing.

I love watching other people work. I mean, I really love watching other actors, no matter where they are in their craft or career. First, its seeing the courage that it takes to commit to a craft like this. I mean really, it's a crazy making business; second, seeing the choices that people make and invest in; third, the pure joy of seeing all that talent come out, and finally, I am a junky for Truth. I was sitting in the waiting room during the monologue showcase on Friday night watching and feeling the energy. There was this rich blend of anxiety, excitement, and desire. The deep wish to do a really good job. Just sitting there in the waiting room feeling all this humanity swirling around I could see that we absolutely were at our best and most vulnerable; which for me is what its all about. If I can be that vulnerable there in the waiting room, I think I'm ready to go in to the auditors room. I'd spent most of the evening out in the parking lot with some friends, doing monologues in a round robin fashion, going around the circle, adding people in as they walked up. Such a great community feel, more like a songwriters circle than actorly... very special.

I feel truly and deeply blessed to have been able to start over out here in the west, where the sky is so big it has room for all these stars.


  1. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall for that monologue round robin! The energy you're putting off in this post is palpable, and I'm thrilled to hear how you're (re)finding your way as an actor. Bravo.

  2. Thanks Deonne... You're always present in my world! miss you like the devil. Kiss NYC for me.