Monday, March 16, 2009

Class tonight, audition tomorrow and a workshop ...

Life is good here in the Albuquerque acting community. There is always a great class to jump into or a workshop. I am really happy about being called back for Mother Road Theater's production of Life During Wartime. Its cool for me as if I recall correctly from the initial audition, the role calls for a lot of sensuality. While not an issue in life, playing the sexy girl or the sensuous one has not been my natural drift. I am usually called for the underdog or the teacher, counselor, lawyer. So this will be really fun. Its something that I have been working on in my classes with Price Hall and Eb Lottimer. Who'd a thought that I would be able to reconnect to all this, and add in the leading lady roles at 50? Certainly not me and I am happy to be releasing old identities and allowing the new possibilities to flourish.

In class last week we had to bring songs. It was amazing to see the vulnerability and courage that non-singers and singers had going on. Jim Corona brought Drift Away and we all were transported. Every person in the class gave their all and I realized, that's why I do this. That's what I love about this craft.

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