Friday, March 20, 2009

Getting naked in a shared dressing room with strangers anyone?

There is a shredder truck outside my office window and even my noise canceling headphones can't keep up... so I am taking refuge in a new Art of the Song show going out today with Rokia Traore, she is fabulous. Muuuuchhhh better now...

My audition was great. The director and producer had all the women called back in the room together reading with two different partners... It was interesting and weird at the same time. It was like going to Century 21 in NYC and having to undress in front of half of the other women working downtown, shopping on their lunch hour.

I loved being present for other people's work but kept having to remind myself that I was there to AUDITION, not teach or be a classmate. So it was a great lesson in focus and equanimity. I did not get the part (damn) but my dear friend Beth Bailey did so I am okay with it. I know the part will be served exceptionally well! And there are more opportunities with Mother Road. So I have another shot at it soon.

I pulled a monologue from the audition that I am using tonight for a workshop with Cathy Henderson. I'm really excited about the piece. It has a deep sense of longing to be remembered in the world; a need to have made a difference and that her life had meaning. That she was truly alive in the world even a little bit. There is a need to be absolved from the perceived sins that she had partaken in to feel that aliveness. So it has wonderful levels of vulnerability and power, juxtapositioned with a sense that the End is here so there is an urgency to know the answer to the question "did my life matter."

The workshop is going to be really great on Sunday. Cathy has a lot of projects at the moment and there will also be a couple of directors and producers in attendance. That's what I'm talkin' about...

On Saturday I am moderating a series of talks in our Your Creative Career TeleSummit... Still time to sign up! Check out my first ever teleconference call that is posted there about how to find your authentic voice when you are pitching your work.

I guess my auditions and posting are proof of the pudding...

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