Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Time Flies When You Go Underground

Wow. Its been over a month since I posted anything. There is so much to report. I have been on many auditions. Crash is now casting its second season. Went in for a fantastic role that was a recurring. It went to a wonderful actress from LA that I've seen in a lot of things. It was nice to be in the ring for a minute there.

Started rehearsals for Passenger on the Ship of Fools this week. Amazing script based on a moment in the life of Katherine Anne Porter, known as the female equivalent of Hemingway. It is set at the turning point of her life when she was finishing her only novel Ship of Fools.

I have to say, I took a moment outside the theater door when I arrived for the first rehearsal. Its at the Vortex Theater here in Albuquerque. I stood there, looking at the shadow box marquee with the show poster for the current production in it... savoring the feeling that I was walking in to a sacred space. A theater, with dressing rooms, a lobby and concession stand, a green room, a backstage area... wow. The smell, as the front door opened, was like an special incense made for that world; the world of imagination, creation, interpretation, and story. I think its probably what heaven smells like.

Also booked my first movie. Its a short film for the 48 Hour Film Project. Pretty darn excited about that!

Good to feel back in the saddle. I have not been posting because things got sort of nutty. My dear aging JuJu dog has an inoperable tumor that is causing her kidneys to fail. She seems outwardly good, but we are on borrowed time with her now. Our radio world continues to gallop apace. There are new shows in the archive to listen to, which are really fun. Hope you'll take time to visit Art of the Song Creativity Radio.