Sunday, January 20, 2013

Watching the Ravens and the Patriots duke it out. I love the Ravens, not because I am such a huge football fan, but because of what they pulled off last week up against the Broncos. They were at elevation, in 8 degree weather, never giving up even in the last 30 seconds. Talk about Never Give Up! I love the team, even though all I see when I watch football is big strong men sustaining irreversible brain damage voluntarily.

Today was a great day. We are remounting The Bark & The Tree and were able to get into The Cell Theater to check blocking and adjust things. Script still in hand, there are a few moments that are coming to life in new ways. Interesting that when I wrote and performed the play 3 years ago, I didn't really understand what it was about. Now, working with Lee Kitts, and having had time to sit with the material, the core of it is getting clear. It is a lesson in trust. It didn't really matter if I knew what the play was about. It was more important to get it up on the boards and let it unfold. It reminds me of some songwriters I've talked with who's song means one thing to them, but the audience has it's own experience and emotional response. Soon I will be able to sum up in one line what the meaning is for me . . . soon.

In attendance at the run through today was documentary film maker Donna Lee Wells (She Had Some Horses). She came to see us at work, and I believe is interested using the process of getting B & T up and running as the focus of her next project. I am looking forward to finding out what she has in mind. I hope it will have something to do with women of a certain age creating meaningful work!

We should have a date for the New York show this week. Time is flying! 

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