Wednesday, April 8, 2009

rewrites and auditions

Just home from an audition for In Plain Sight. A great part, that was extensively re-written since the sides were sent out yesterday. Its always an honor to audition, for anything actually, and its makes it double fun when there is a chance to go straight on instinct. Because it was a doctor's role, the need stayed essentially unchanged. The new scene was heightened by an extreme emergency situation. The scene I was prepared to do took place after the real emergency was over. So the heightened awareness of the emergency was actually fed by my heightened nerves about doing a scene I had only looked at for 15 minutes. Good thing I was really early for the call! The director was so gracious and the casting director is always wonderful.

And there's been a shift. A real shift in my work these days. After the embarrassing aforementioned realization, my focus has been so much more effective. More aware of the given circumstances, instead of the annoying thoroughly derailing concern that my ass was too big or I wore the wrong shoes.

I really felt it during the Actor's Lab Double Shot with Price and Eb last Sunday when I worked on two scenes (lucky me!) that were polar opposites. One from a script of Eb Lottimer's and the other from a new script by Rod McCall. The first is a suspense thriller that gave me the opportunity to work on sexuality and revenge. The second, a comedy that borders on slapstick... well, my version did anyway. So I think all the class time in the mastery class and workshops are really starting to pay off. Just being in the work is wonderful.

Hey, if you love creative expression and all that it brings forward into the world check out Art of the Song Creativity Radio and my husband John's blog Find Your Creativity Both provide amazing resources...

And holy cow. The whole money thing right now has me flabbergasted. That there could be so little coming in and so much great stuff going out through Art of the Song. Its really testing my faith and my belief that all will be well. It will right?


  1. I'd say your track record proves it will be all right - keep the faith in the possible and continue to make good choices. You can do this.

  2. good for you! Do you need an agent to audition for shows like In Plain Sight and Law and Order?