Monday, May 4, 2009

I don't have to choose, do I?

I've been in the midst of many things lately. It seems that there is always a lot to do, but the most fortunate thing is that I love all of it. Last week was fund drive week at Art of the Song Creativity Radio, which featured a Live event, a grant application and our annual letter to fans who support our mission of encouraging creative expression.

Art of the Song Live from the Filling Station in Albuquerque was too fun. Brad Stoddard and Tony Della Flora (Duke City Shoot Out) put together a team to shoot the event for ABQ's new cable access channel 26 Encantada TV. A four camera shoot is not easy with a lot of lead time and a budget. What they pulled off in three weeks, with no budget was amazing. Can't wait to share it with you when the edit is finished.

What does this have to do with acting? I went to a SAG Converstations program last fall with the cast of Breaking Bad. One thing that was repeated there and I've heard elsewhere a million times, is that if there is something you would rather do than act, then do THAT. It made me wonder... because I love doing my radio show, and I love acting. I think that, while I might never be Terry Gross or Laura Linney, I can live an incredibly fulfilling life being me doing both careers. As a Gemini, choices are stressful things. Both is usually the answer. Except when it comes to dessert...oh yes, and husbands.


  1. I am a Gemini. We are Renaissance women and choosing is not really an option even though we are urged to do so constantly. Go for the gusto I say. Do everything that rings your bells.

  2. I'm with you two. I'm a writer, editor, teacher, and soon to be vacation rental property manager and poetry project director, and don't want to give up any of it.

    Have you read Barbara Sher's work about what she calls "scanners"? Folks like us are exactly who she's talking about - people who do best when they're pursuing two or three (or more) careers. Reading her work made me realize I'm not flaky or crazy.

  3. Ahhhh... my tribe responds. Thank you dearest fellow Gemini women. Shall we have a party next month?

    Renaissance women. I treasure that. And will pick up Barbara Sher's books.

    I've just added coaching to my list of things, and have two clients now. and I Love that too.

    so I shall ring on!

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  6. I can certainly relate to having many career paths. I consider myself a creative type and a high tech worker. As for taking one path, that is not me. I am an Aries, so whatever I do I do it with passion and determination. That said, doing just one thing, such as marketing WiFi solutions at a technology company in VT, no. I still need the spiritual nourishment that comes from writing and occassional acting.

    I met up with an old friend the other day who mentioned that she will be directing our Shakespear in the Park in Vermont (Brattleboro) next year. For me, it was an awakening, and an invitation to tap back into that side.

    The key, I think, if you do pursue multiple paths is to pursue each vigorously and with authenticity. This may sound strange, but flirting with something is easy; making a commitment, at least for me, and carrying through on the promise is a little more challenging.

    I look forward to seeing how things develop for you, Viv, with getting back into acting. I must tune into Breaking Bad sometime.

    As a regular listenter to your radio show on Sundays, I already feel that the work you and John do touches many souls. I have no doubt you do the same when you act.


  7. Thank you Greg! I love your insight about commitment to crafts with vigor and authenticity.
    It has always been a fear of mine that I would forever be saying that I was an actor, who used to do shows, and had a few (aging) credits. Thanks so much for your kind words about the show. We deeply appreciate your commitment to the art centered life.