Saturday, April 6, 2013

Welcome Spring... Have I mentioned recently how much I love my life? I am sitting here in my office at Sol Acting Academy listening to my new instructor Jessica Quindlen teach the new spring session of youth acting classes. It's amazing to hear the creative ideas pouring out into the space.

It's been a year since John and I bought Sol Acting Academy and we're coming up on a year in our new digs. As you enter the studio there is a wall of hand prints that students have been adding over the year. I did it because I thought it would look festive and give folks a sense of ownership. But today one of our young students was having a hard time seeing how she fit in to the group.  So she and I took a moment to visit the wall to see if we could find a handprint that was just the size of her hand. She tried on my handprint too, which let her see how much she was going to grow. It was so fun to see her then join the class, knowing that she had a place here. So often we have that sense of "where do I fit in this big picture" and it can make us want to shrink away from diving in fully. Now I know that all I have to do is look for the handprint of those who have come before to find my place and where I need to grow.

I took three months off from teaching to focus on my own performance work, as I felt like I was so busy teaching the craft that my own was slipping. What a beautiful and rewarding journey I've been on in the first quarter of 2013. Our shows were really well received in both NYC, Saratoga Springs and Albuquerque. Full houses in all locations and great feedback has led me to think that a longer run is in our future. Applications are in for the All For One Theater Festival  - an amazing festival in NYC that not only presents solo shows but supports the artists through out the year with help booking performances nationwide. So look for The Bark & The Tree in a theater near you later in the year!

And more great news is that I booked a day on the new film Things People Do starring Wes Bentley, directed by Saar Klein. I've really admired Saar's editing work for a very long time. Can't wait to see what he brings to directing of this movie.

Looking forward to starting the production meetings for a short film I wrote - planning to shoot this summer. A romantic comedy called Leverage about a public defender from NYC that moves to Santa Fe to start over after losing her husband to a sudden heart attack, starring, you guessed it... moi. Stay tuned!


  1. I am so sorry I missed The Bark & The Tree! Will you be performing it again? I was listening to Voces Feministas yesterday and they mentioned you performing your play at The Outpost? Perhaps I heard wrong. My daughter and I are doing Blackbox Theater Improv classes - We are going to perfom April 19th at Triplock peformance space. I'm 62 years old and haven't performed since I was 19 years old. It's been a fun experience!

  2. Hi Vicki! I am a part of the inaugural StorySpace show at the Outpost on April 27. I sure hope you can join us that night. It will be magical. The Improv Classes at the Box are GREAT. Wish I was in town to catch your show but I will be at my nephew's performance in Boston. Break a leg and I look forward to hearing all about it!