Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dreams do come true

I first started this blog in March of 2009, while taking steps to reacquaint myself to the craft of acting after a 7 year hiatus. Since then, I have done ten projects. Four plays, two TV shows, and four films. I am beyond happy about this...

Today I am writing to celebrate having booked and filmed my first feature film role to work with a really interesting group of people. For me, it was a dream job, playing a woman of authority with sixteen (16) pages of dialogue in five scenes with the star of the film, the amazing Katia Winter. Five pages is a lot for a person who has only done a handful of day player roles. Sixteen pages of good dialogue is stunning. Its an Elevated Horror Film based in fact... check it out here... The Banshee Chapter.  I hope you like scary films.. this is one mofo of a scary movie. In a good way mind you. ;-)

I've been trying to write about the experience for almost a month, and have found myself in such a contented, non-reflective space that its been hard to find words or actually the inclination. Just been enjoying the ride.

In the first audition, I challenged my self to slow down. Take my time. Do all the things that Basil Hoffman talked about in his workshop. Put into gear the way I would approach a first reading of a theater piece. Connect, focus. etc. so the call back with director/writer Blair Erickson and producer Corey Moosa was a blast, because the note was - step on each others lines. Interrupt. have fun. Them's r notes I know how to take!

Couple of days past and the call from Lynette at O' Agency came while I was in an AA meeting. I had my phone turned off but half way through the meeting I got this warmth in my heart chakra and felt this giggle starting to well up inside. I was sitting with an old friend who was visiting from LA. I thought must be something about hanging out with pals from early sobriety... but it kept happening. I had to stifle it a couple of times. Of course, when I turned on the phone, there was the message. I had the offer from Before the Door Productions and Sunchaser Entertainment to play Olivia Kmiec in Blair Erickson's The Banshee Chapter.

I felt this calm come over me. Like a sort of "ahhhh.... " of satisfaction and happiness. I guess the best word for it is reassurance. Just felt so nice. More about the experience of shooting my scenes in a later post... with pictures too!


  1. Congratualtions, Vivian, I am very happy for you. My motto is "Today is a day of infinite possibility" but of course, we must all take that first step, because things don't happen without intention and action. I am not a horror film fan, but I will look for this one.

  2. Thank you Vicki ~ I share your hesitation about horror films. It is rather funny that my first lead in a picture is in a movie I probably wouldn't go see! I look forward to going on one of your wild flower walks someday...